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Guangzhou BlueSun Stage Lighting Co.,Ltd produce and sell stage laser lights and led lights, including green/RGY/RGB cartoon laser light,high-power laser stage systems and RGB led par light,laser show light and laser software.

2w/3w/4w/5W/6w/8Watts Single Green Beam Show Laser Stage System

1W/1.5W/2W/2.5W/3W/4W/5W/6W/7W/8W/10W single Green Cartoon Stage Laser Light

1W,1.5W,1.8w, 2W, 3w,4W,5W RGY laser animation cartoon laser Stage Lighting

1W/1.5W/2W/3W/4W/5W/7W/10Watts RGB multi Color Cartoon Laser disco Light

iShow ILDA PC Laser Show Software-stage lighting

LED Star Cloth-128PCS White Tri-Color LED Lamp

3w*36PCS Indoor RGB LED PAR stage lighting

1w 18PCS RGB Stage LED Light

Stage Wash Lighting-1w RGB LED Multi PAR

1w, 36PCS LED Lighting With RGB Color, IP66, 12PCS Red, 12PCS Green, 12PCS Blue

3w*36PCS Indoor RGB LED PAR Light

110mW,130mW,170mW,200mW RGY stepping laser light with DMX stage system

130mW,150mW,200mw,300mW mini RGY Firefly laser light with DMX stage projector

130mW,200mW RGY+Led cartoon laser equipment+DMX lighting systement

80mW,100mW,200mW Blue 473nm Cartoon Laser light with ILDA interface and DMX-stage lighting

170mW,200mW,300mW,400mW,500mW,800mW mini RGY cartoon laser with ILDA stage show lighting display

300mW,380mW,500mW,560mW,800mW mini RGB multi color Cartoon Laser Light with ILDA full color laser di

30mW,50mW,80mW,100mW Green Stepping laser light with DMX laser show lighting projector

2000mW 2Watts 2W RGB Animation Laser Light System ILDA30Kpps+iShow software

3000mw 3Watts 3W RGB Laser Lights Animation Cartoon Stage equipment
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Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M845610laser light system
M901320stage light
M940530disco light
M851210rgb laser light
M940540stage projector
M845610stage lighting
M854140show light
M854110animated laser light
M845610effect light
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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Guangzhou BlueSun Laser Technology Co.,Ltd
No.82,Qianjinlu,Haizhu Disctrict,Guangzhou
Guangzhou, Guangdong
China 510220
  • Tel : 86-136-3136-7547
  • Homepage : http://www.bluesunlaser.com
    Contact :
    Ms. Suanna
    Sales manager, Sales department
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